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Top Free Apps For Music Lovers

Music is the lifestyle of today’s generation. Every dick and harry on the street side, at home, in offices etc., have their earphones consistently plugged in to their ears for the listening pleasure of one music or the other; a lifestyle that we obviously can’t help, given the level of stress, distraction, downheartedness or should I say a feeling of ecstasy that we desire to bring into our already pressed world.

Mobile devices like your iPod or Android phone let you lay down a virtual soundtrack for your life. You can listen to your collection of tunes, stream music; learn what your friends are listening to, and share music — all while you’re on the go. Hundreds of music apps help you to achieve that.

You may be tempted to ask- What are music apps all about? Can’t I just download music from my computer to my mobile devices and listen to it anyway? You can, of course, but mobile apps let you do much more. Apps help you manage your songs. They take your current collection of tunes and let you arrange them into playlists, tag them, discover new music that suits your taste; thousands of tunes out there, old and new, that you’ve never heard and so on.

What excites many music lovers is the way apps enable them to re-arrange songs and add new ones, right from smartphones or tablets. Give them access to a huge variety of radio stations, streams and sharing services that clue you in to tunes you’d love, no matter what your taste is. Without these music apps, I bet the world of music would be so boring and unappealing to a large extent. You see, now you know better.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest free music apps happening now that you might want to add to your list of music apps.


First Free music app is a portfolio kind of app in which you have all types of music stations diversified and for every kind of taste. If you want access to a selection and library of more than 20 million songs and 800, 000 artists, the iHeartRadio is the app to download. Its songs range from Pop, Country, Hip-hop, R&B, rock and you can also enjoy the latest news and sports. Exploring this app will make you feel it is as per its name close to your heart as with this app your search for the free music of your type will come to an end. It boasts thousands of live-streaming radio stations and 18 million songs by over 400,000 artists.




This app makes listening to your favourite songs easier. Unlike other apps which you can search for several minutes, Pandora allows users to pin their songs or stations on the Start screen. Hence, they can easily click it when they want to listen to the song. Using Pandora’s mobile app, you can see album art, read about artists and check the songs you’ve just played. There’s a free version, but a paid subscription gives better streaming quality, no advertisements and unlimited listening.



Music Maker Jam

This is an engaging music player where you have fun while selecting the music you want to listen. To do this, you start the app, select three free music styles, combine them and make your own song. You can also listen to any music of your choice.


This is the Editors choice free music app these days. On Google play it is the most downloaded one. It is definitely rocking the app store these days. It is unknown how long it is going to be independent. For time being till it is free music app we must take this as an advantage and enjoy the services . It contains thousands of playlists, tablet support, and a Music Concierge service that helps you find the best music according to your tastes. The good part is it have no audio ads. It also have songs for all type of music mood.


Groove Music

Groove music is free for 30 days after which it will be required to pay for their services. As the name sounds, “Groove” meaning that you can add as much as 40 million different songs of your choice including Nigerian songs and take your music along wherever you go.



Soundcloud app:

so famous an app but it deserves a try. You can find a host of podcasts for your listening pleasure. You can browse by trending, genre, and follow artists and friends to see what they’re up to. It’s a great place to discover new music and a fun atmosphere for musicians and listeners alike. This sounds a bit different from all kind of free music app. One thing is that for sure you will never regret downloading this app.




Last but not the least is, RockMyRun free music app. Is a collection of motivation song by world’s best DJ. Use this app while you are doing the workout. Music moves your body. Tested by exercise researching lab, compare between normal motivation workout songs vs. RockMyRun songs. Best fitness music app which motivates and provides enjoyment to its users more than 35% in comparison with other music apps.

Hope this list of free music apps would trigger and guild you to some extent to download and experience as much music fun as you would love.Enjoy!!!

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