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Drop a comment when you see it (photo)

I was a victim of ladyboy scam when I visited Kuala Lumpur. We met through Tinda and chatted for about 4 hours. When I finally met HIM, I didn’t notice anything. I was very excited this young “lady” loves BBC(you get it), paid for “her” food and drinks worth 80k. Even the waiter knew and their was something strange about a black guy and a ladyboy. The waiter stylishly called me aside and it I knew the lady was a man? I thought it was a joke not until we got to the hotel I logded.

The ladyboy started feeling uneasy and finally told me she has a confession to make.
I wasn’t ready to listen to what she was about to say because I was tipsy and hard.
I finally gave in and behold, she told me “she” is a ladyboy. Oh boy! I was about to smash a red wine bottle on him not until I realised I’m in a foreign land.
I quickly dressed up and open the door for him to leave. I fucked up big time because I have high sex drive.



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