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‘Before making a public stand for someone, make sure you know all the facts’- Pastor Laurie Idahosa

Sister, the truth is even if you “know” all the facts, the conclusion might still be wrong. Human logic is that flawed. How else do you explain a father who happens to be a respected member of society but is caught molesting his own infant? These evil deeds are done by people that you least expect. This is why the words “shock” “surprise” “regret” “horror” and “hai neva hespered it” exist in our vocabulary. There is nothing like “I can never do that” in the dictionary of anybody. All is takes to transform a person to Hitler or that PH serial killer is the vagaries of Time and Chance and Satan sifting somebody like wheat as he did Peter. Recall Peter absolutely knew 100% that he can “never do that kind of thing” before he denied Jesus 3 times. He trusted himself. Proverbs 28:26 tells us: “The one who trusts in himself is a fool, but one who walks in wisdom will be safe.” We can’t even trust ourselves yet we are standing surety and vouching for the good or bad behaviour of others based on what we can see and our deductions from our findings? This is the height of foolishness. But for God’s grace, even the holiest daddy in the Lord will do the unthinkable. Yet we find many pledging for fallible pastors and ladies up and down saying “Pastor Biodun did/did not rape her” or that “Busola is/is not lying.” You can bet that the liar among those two knows himself/herself and is currently going through what Judas did before he killed himself. Let’s hope it does not come to that and the liar sees Christ the way Peter did after he fell. The truth will show eventually so why are we wasting time standing surety and pledging on behalf of human beings that could be lying? The best way is to go the way of Proverbs: never stand as surety or pledge for anybody’s good or bad behaviour: Proverbs 6-
My child, if you have given your pledge to your neighbor,
if you have bound yourself to another,
2 you are snared by the utterance of your lips,
caught by the words of your mouth.
3 So do this, my child, and save yourself,
for you have come into your neighbor’s power:
go, hurry, and plead with your neighbor.
4 Give your eyes no sleep
and your eyelids no slumber;
5 save yourself like a gazelle from the hunter,
like a bird from the hand of the fowler.

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